Hebrews 4:16

King James Version

16 Let us therefore come boldly 

unto the throne of grace, 

that we may obtain mercy, 

and find grace to help in time of need.

This 46th blog, "CONQUERING addictions" practically CREATED itself.

That's how it is to work with the SPIRIT of GOD.

FISRT, He made me write an article on "CONQUERING addictions".

As I wrote the article, He pointed out that there are THREE forms of addiction:




That created the framework for this blog, in itself.

Of course, I had no idea it would be so.

I merely follow SPIRIT's prompts, a step at a time.

But suddenly, the idea to help people -- through Scripture -- grew so strong in my heart.

That's the SECOND part.

Thus, CONQUERING addictions blog:

"REAL help from SCRIPTURE."

Often, when I check a name on Blogger, it would be taken.

But soon as I checked that name, it was available.

As if, it couldn't give it to me fast enough.

I then knew that GOD had reserved it for our cause.

This blog will EXPLORE the forms of addiction, as well as how Scripture can help.

If the world was able to help, there wouldn't be any more addiction.

But, as it is, it hasn't, has it?

Would it be true to say that the world feeds upon our addictions, as well as creating the avenues for us to get hooked?

If SPIRIT didn't have much to say, this blog would not be needed.

But SPIRIT has a lot to say.

So, let's head over to the posts!

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WHY do people get addicted?

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